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The Simplified System is a five-step process I’ve crafted methodically and meticulously to guide us in Simplifying your space:



To get started, we become acquainted with the space(s) of concern by understanding how it’s used on a day-to-day basis. We review your goals and discuss how the Simplified team will achieve them.



With every space, the Spill is an essential step of the process. We take everything out of its current home in order to fully assess the environment. A blank canvas provides a fresh perspective.



This is when we go through every single item. While creating specific categories, we advise what you should purge and what should be relocated. With your inventory top-of-mind, we map out the space for optimal functionality. Now, it’s time to source the appropriate storage products from our trusted retailers. 



Our time to shine! We contain your belongings and rehome them in your new, Simplified space. Labels are implemented to help you maintain our system over time. As the grand finale, we present our work and show you the method behind the magic.



We provide tailored tips to keep you on track and explain how the Stay Simplified Program will benefit you. This Program allows for touch ups to already Simplified spaces through routine visits from our team.

While every job follows the same five steps, each client RECEIVES a uniquely customized experience BASED ON THEIR SPECIFIC NEEDS. 

All Simplified Services offer exclusive access to Charlotte’s Curated Connections — a one-stop resource for my most trusted partners, from handymen to interior designers, who will complement your Simplified lifestyle.

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