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Simplified to fit your lifestyle. 

Overwhelmed with clutter and chaos?

Let’s chat about Simplifying your space today!


Whether you’re packing up for a big move or looking to tackle a cluttered corner, Simplified by Charlotte has got you covered with full-service organization and lifestyle management tactics. My Simplified System will purge, sort, and rehome or reorganize every item in your soon-to-be-Simplified space, making certain your productivity is maximized by your environment.

My Stay Simplified program will ensure you keep things tidy over time.


I believe there is no space too small or too unruly to be Simplified. I’ve lived in the quintessential New York City studio — trust me, I have seen it all. And no, my shoes were not stored in the oven!



"A quick note to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your incredible work! This is a game-changer for me....the start of a new chapter. It feels fresh, new and so hopeful! You manage to make it fun, easygoing, and exciting, instead of daunting, paralyzing, and emotional. Keep on working that magic."

—  carrie

old town, chicago

"Simplified by Charlotte has really changed the way I view organizing. Charlotte began helping me a few years ago with some specific projects, which ended up transforming the way I use spaces in my house. Charlotte has worked with me in several capacities -- both in-person and virtual, in addition to in-home consultations in which she coaches me on how to tackle spaces on my own. Charlotte's way of defining a set organizing project and seeing it through is amazing, and it all seems much less overwhelming."

—  Emily

Roscoe village, Chicago

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Obsessive Organizer

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With an interior decorator as a mom, I grew up understanding the importance of how an environment looks and makes you feel. An appreciation for aesthetics and ambience have been ingrained in my DNA, paving the way for me as an organization and events expert. 


I’ve been exceptionally organized since I was young, spending more time color coordinating my closet than playing dress-up with dolls. Growing up, friends found joy in shifting a picture frame on my bookshelf to see if I noticed. I always did. Over the years, I became the friend who enthusiastically volunteered my organizational skills. I took charge of closet overhauls, and even rode along for college moves to make sure dorms were styled to peak functionality. 


The storage and organization department of stores has always been my happy place. If only everything in life could be so neatly compartmentalized! I take great pride and pleasure in helping people neatly categorize the things we do have control over, and am grateful to turn my passion into a profession with Simplified by Charlotte.


Prior to simplifying lives, my background in luxury hospitality and events was anchored by a communications career with Four Seasons Hotel Chicago. This experience sharpened my ability to prioritize client needs and customize strategies based on specific visions. I apply the same level of detail-oriented, results-driven, five-star service you would expect from a highly-awarded brand when helping to bring order and simplicity to your life.


All Simplified Services offer exclusive access to Charlotte’s Curated Connections  a one-stop resource for my most trusted partners, from handymen to home decorators, who will complement your Simplified lifestyle.


home + business


From pantries and playrooms to boardrooms and business places, I can tackle any space to enhance your productivity, both at home and at work. 


In today’s new normal, our homes have become the hub of our work, rest and play. I can help transform that cluttered garage into a kid-friendly play space or spruce up that extra bedroom to double as a home office. 


Need a little help with styling home decor? I can help with that too!

lifestyle management


My services extend beyond the physical clutter in your life.


Packing for a big trip? Shopping for the perfect gift? Overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list?


I can help you organize and prioritize all of the tasks littering up your lifestyle.



Getting ready to put your house on the market and eager to make a positive first impression?


Need a little guidance on setting up Simplified Systems in your new home?


Let's connect about my moving services.



Not sure where to start with your baby registry? Overwhelmed by the endless options at buybuy Baby?

As you prepare for your newest member of the family, I can help optimize your nursery setup and navigate the baby aisles. 


Ask me about my Simplified Baby Services! 

You don’t have to live in Chicago to take advantage of my Simplified Services: Ask about my Virtual Organization Sessions!

Keep it going: Ask about how to Stay Simplified and about my Simplified + Shared referral program!


the Simplified System

The Simplified System is a five-step process I’ve crafted methodically and meticulously to guide us in Simplifying your space:







To get started, you will talk me through the area so that I can gain a better understanding of your day-to-day life and how you typically use the space. We’ll discuss your specific concerns and review your goals — this is the time for you to show and tell!



The spill can be an overwhelming part of the process, but it’s essential to take everything out of its existing home so that I can fully assess the environment and make sure we make the most out of the space.



Next, we go through everything. Yes, every single item! We’ll take time to decide what you can get rid of and what needs a new home and then I'll source the best storage solutions for your space.



My favorite part! This is my time to organize, categorize and rehome your belongings — all simplified to fit your lifestyle. I will walk you through your Simplified Space and show you the method behind my magic.



Before we finish, I’ll share tailored tips to keep you on track, and we can discuss how the Stay Simplified program will benefit you.



simplified to fit your lifestyle

Charlotte was a huge help to our family after we moved into our new home. She organized our closets and made so much more space for our growing family! We could not be happier with how quickly and professionally she got our life in order!

—  leslie

Lincoln park,Chicago


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